Children’s Talent Hunt - 2018

Event Date: 16 Dec 2018 | Source: NRNA NORWAY

Children’s Talent Hunt-2018

With the growth of second generation of Nepalese in Norway, it is important to encourage to show their skills in extracurricular activities in Nepalese community. Children can show their any talents in the event. Jury committee will be formed before the event. Decision from the jury committee will be final.

The objectives of this event are:

  • To motivate children to show their skills in extracurricular activities. both
    timely and interesting to children above and including six years of age.
  • To conduct some discussion with children on what they like/do not like about their life/lifestyle in general.
  • To Motivate and find out the hidden talents of the first and second generation children in our community.

All children can participate this completion. There will be two groups of children (Group 1: Age below 10 years, Group 2: Age of 10 to 18 years)

Deadline to submit your name for the competition : 8th of December 2018

Free Registration

Application procedure:

  • Send e-mail to with your name, address, age & talent that you are going to show in the event.
More details:

Please contact,

Malina Thapa, Event coordinator

Mobile : 969 52 460

Raju Aryal, Mobile : 472 46 882